Postmark – June 19, 2012

Dear Everyone!

This is awesome to be able to write to you today. I’m doing find and my district gets along very well. There is a weight lifting gym here, I’m so excited! The MTC is a very spiritual place, to me, praying to my Father in Heaven is so awesome! The teachers here give us such an enlightenment on the scriptures in a way that I have never noticed.

My district: Elder Gulbranson is from Canada…eh, same with Elder Beaumier (BOW-me-eh) Oh Canada! Elder Staley is my companion. He’s cool, he’s from Utah. Elder Palmer is from Arizona. Elder Romney (3rd cousin to Mitt Romney), Elder Gregory (is quite the person), and Elder Dixen are all from Utah as well. Then there is Elder Francis, he is tall, 6’6″ and he talks in his sleep.

The MTC is a great way to see how missionary work is so important to the Lord. I know why I’m here. The church is true. The Atonement has helped me so much. Now I’m going to do my best so other people can feel the Savior’s love. I feel it…my district feels it. I’m so grateful that we are doing His work right now.

I love you all so very much. I miss you. But the Savior lives and loves us too. Please pray for me and my district. Thanks for the letters. The letters I get do help tremendously. There are some here in my district that don’t get mail and it’s hard for them. I love you and wish the best for you.

The church is true. I know it and I can’t deny it. This is my testimony.

With Love,

Elder Stewart


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