Email – June 21, 2012

Hey Mom, Dad, Ginny, Celina, Steph, Hunter, Conner, Kenneth, Angie, and the Galovichs,

I can only write to you guys on Thursdays and I have to be quick because we are timed to do our emails, so sorry if I can’t give you too much information. My companion’s name is Elder Staley, he is from Utah and is awesome and has ADHD haha.

I heard that Brandon is getting married from Sister Olheiser. Congrats!

Caleb and McCabe how are you guys? How’s the family?

Paul how are you and Carrie? I hope you got the letter I wrote to all of you guys from my parents.

The district is like our family here in the MTC. We are blessed to get along like brotherhood. I’m sending some more letters, and mom you can give me cookies from Dear Elder, get the good kind PLEASE they are heavenly. Doing some laundry now.

Did Dad ever get the pump fixed? That’s just our luck huh? Dad how are you? How are you coping. Are the twins helping…Caleb and McCabe hahahaha!

I’m having trouble trying to teach, it’s really hard to get the investigators to feel the spirit. The buildings here is like cookie-cutter buildings, they all look the same. Yesterday I got to host the new missionaries I only did two because everything that can be disastrous happened. Like the day wouldn’t work for this Elder and stuff.

Celina how are you? A letter is coming your way. Ginny how are you too and Steph and the boys? You liking it there? Kenneth how are you and Angie?

Sister Tippets how is she? I wrote to her so when you get it mom I would like you to read it to her if she can’t because of her eyes. Mom how are you? I hope things are good. Sunday the First Presidency is going to talk to us, I’m excited! I love you guys very much and miss you!

Elder Stewart


Give Sister Olheiser and Sister Tippets a hug for me!


2 thoughts on “Email – June 21, 2012

  1. Elder Stewart YOUR SO AWESOME, ST.LOUIS WILL LOVE YOU BUT THEY CAN’T KEEP YOU MORE THEN 2 YEARS. Leaving today to get kansas grandkids, then off to the mountains and Yellowstone for 2 weeks. I don’t have your mailing address so please post it , I guess I wasn’t smart 🙂 enough to find it here. I mailed letter to old MTC address last week hope you get. Keep up the good work I know your doing.
    Love sister Olheiser

    • Jan,
      If you click on the Tab at top that says ‘Write to Elder Stewart’ it has all the ways to contact him. I keep it updated as we get new information from him as well. So his current address in Crystal City is posted there as well as the mission area address.


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