Email – July 23, 2012

Hello Everyone,

You’ll be getting a handwritten letter here pretty soon! How’s everyone doing? How’s the work? And the ranch? I’m up here at Hillsboro today to hang out with Elder Fagger and Elder Wunderli! I’m not sure what we will do here. I never knew a human being could sweat so much water in my life! You become a form of walking salt water. It’s nuts. For our zone p-day we played missionary basketball and dodge ball. It was fun but no AC, it was so hot. I never knew how red a face could get. My shirt was soaked. Like fell in the pond soaked. And I was wearing my last pair of garments! Everything else was already in the washer! Oy. I was drenched. It was awesome!

Things here at Crystal City are going good! We went on exchanges and Elder Fagger (our district leader) went with me to Crystal City Saturday. Saturday our goal was to get a commitment from all 11 investigators to come to church. We got a lot! But it was a no show for
Sunday. We are still teaching Hot Rod, he was excited to come to church but didn’t. He has a testimony of Joseph Smith but hasn’t really read the B.O.M. So we are working on them.  The letter talks more about our investigators. I’ll just let you read it Ha Ha!

How’s the ward doing? Are they going to build another building still? How is Sister Tippets? Is she doing ok?

Sister Olhieser – Thank you for the letters! It is very cool how the Lord helps us through everything we do. Even the small things I notice has a huge impact on things. Mom will give you a hug from me before you go!

Hey Galovich’s – How are you guys doing? Dawn congrats! I heard what you did to Dad. You’re awesome! I could only imagine what he looked liked! He deserves it!  Ha Ha! I love you and miss you! Paul and Carrie how are you two doing!?! Everything here is so wet and humid! I wondered why there’s not much swimming pools out here but now I know! You don’t need one! You’re your own swimming pool! It’s a lifetime warranty! There is really no need to dry off! Your pool also comes with reverse osmosis where water naturally
falls from your face like the Niagara Falls! I’m so glad its a limited time offer though! But I’m loving this work and the people. I want to work harder so they too can return to our Farther In Heaven. This is gods work!

McCabe and Calab – I really hope you are preparing to go on a mission. The opportunity this work gives you will be a blessing for you throughout your life. But don’t go for the blessings. Study the scriptures and pray to gain a better testimony. Go because you love the Lord! I can’t believe how much my Father in Heaven has help me through hard times. It’s such a blessing to understand what the Savior did and is still doing for all of us. Coming out here and seeing all the unhappy people here is very heartbreaking. Stay close to your family and trust in the Lord and study and pray about the Book of Mormon. It’s the word of God! Like the God and ruler of everything! It really didn’t hit me untill I came out. It’s of great value and importance to have it in our lives. Look up to your brother Brandon. He’s been a huge example for me. You are so lucky to have someone like him as a brother. I love you guys very much!

I miss you all and love you.
Elder Stewart


Email – July, 16, 2012

Hey Family!

How is it going!?!

Brother Knight and Sister Knight and Kat and Devin and Nate and Natasha,

HOW IS IT GOING!?! I miss you like no other! Brother Knight hows work? Just wanted to say how much I love you and miss you. Sister Knight I love you too! How’s it going? How’s Greenriver? DEVIN!!!!!  How’s it going for you too? How’s the school life treating ya? I hear that you are doing music and drama congrats man! I’m tellin’ ya more opportunities for you through those courses. I hope you’re planning on going on a mission first! I know that’s what the Lord wants from you! Oh…I guess I have to write to you too Kat… HI! 😀 How’s the school treating you? Believe it or not I do miss you too! Nate how’s them girls treating you? Hello Natasha! What’s going on with you? Excited to go to School? It’ll be fun! I miss you guys so much!

Mom and Dad how are you?

Things here are going. Today is Zone P-day so we are going to the city today for that. I don’t know what we’ll be doing. We’ve been seeing “Hot Rod” still! He is awesome! He is trying so hard to do the right things. Him detoxing is hurting him though. He’s all curled up and his mouth is twitching. He told us to never pick up a bottle haha! We are doing our best to help him! He didn’t show again for church last Sunday. But it does seem like he really wants to come. He even told his mom that he’s thinking about joining the church! It’s coming but slowly.

My companion is from San Diego Cali. Enough said. No just kidding! He is really cool! He is 19 and been out for about a year. I’m still struggling to teach. Oy! It is hard to talk the gospel haha! People come up with the weirdest things. One individual went up to us in Wal-Mart and told us that God was never a man. And one said “I don’t get it. Why would Jesus commit suicide? Isnt that a Sin? Why would He commit a sin to save us? It doesn’t add up. I’m not a believer.”  And my favorite! I was on exchanges with Elder Wunderli and we were tracking and came upon this house, knocked and he open the door. Explained who we are. He looked at us and said “I’m fixin’ my AC, I’m already in Hell.” and slammed the door. Some people!

Anyway my companion and I saw the weirdest looking bug I’ve ever seen. It looked like a beetle and eyes bulging out, fat head and with pinchers like a praying mantis. It looked really weird.

Caleb and McCabe how are you guys? Hows the Family? I really hope you two are planning on going on a mission. I know it’s what the Lord wants. Well that’s about it, cant wait to hear from you guys again!  Tell my sisters I love them! And that I’m thinking about them.

We are doing a 40 day sacrifice for the mission. My sacrifice is really hard for me to do. But I’m willing to give it up for my Father in Heaven and my Savior who lives and loves us. May the whole world know it.
“Oh sweet the joy this sentence gives. I know, My Redeemer lives”    – President Thomas S Monson

Elder Stewart

Email – July 9, 2012

Dear Family,

A whole two weeks has gone! There is a ton more left hahaha! How is everybody doing?

Dad – I’m missin’ that work! Just hearing about it makes me want to pick up some bales and brand haha!

Mom – I bought a camera so no worries! It was a cheap one so don’t panic!

A new dog huh? Is Molly smart too? I can’t tell you how much it feels good to hear from you guys! How are the boys? And Steph thanks for the encouragement and the blog! It is awesome!

My favorite scripture is in Alma chapter 7 Verses 11-12. I can’t even begin to understand what our savior had to go through.

We have some investigators! There is a biker name Rod. (We call him Hot Rod!) He was wondering how the church can help him to overcome the things he had to go through. He has been through a lot. The spirit hit me so strong. I was impressed to ask him
how he felt when he rides his bike. he answered saying he felt free and happy. I told him through the Atonement of Christ we are able to become clean and feel free from his past. And I was again impressed to tell him about the trials I had to go through and shared Alma  7:11-12 and explained not only did our Savior suffered for our sins which he did he also suffered our pains and anguish and our tribulations. He stood up and gave me a hug and said I really needed to hear that thank you and I’ll come to your church the Sunday next! It was pretty awesome! He didn’t show 😦 but I knew he felt the spirit and that I planted the seed.

Fourth of July was good. They weren’t going to do it because of the fire risk here… the fire risk part really didn’t add up in my head for some particular reason. I guess this year is the driest year Missouri ever had. They could have fooled me. Obviously they never been to Wyoming. But we went to our branch president house and the shot some fireworks it was nice to have the whole day off! It was a treat from the Mission President!

The whole Mission is going to go to a Cardinals game the 26th! I’m excited to go! I hope I don’t have to drive. The roads here are CRAZY! They are supper tiny. The roads are half the size of ours and is confusing as all get out! And they only name half the street and not the whole street. It could be Huber street then all of a sudden your on North Mill street the 2nd??? (I pray constantly for the gift of Missouri’s sense of direction!)

Tell Kate I said hi and give her a hug for me! And Karl as well. A handshake will do Haha! Hows Nate and MaeCile? and hows them cows dad? Did you guys Brand. Oh I miss the work! It’s beautiful here, but Wyoming is more beautiful to me! (when its green)

Keep sending those letters. They REALLY do help. Tell the Galovichs I said hi! It rained here last night and the sky was green. Yeah, it was awesome. So far Ginny no mermaids! Give Miss Clean my love, tell her I miss my baby girl!

The Church is True! and The Saviour Lives! May the whole world know It!

PS. – Thank you for the contacts Mom! I love everyone so much and miss you  guys. Virginia thanks for the letter. (I’ll get you back!)

Elder Stewart

Not sure but…

Just in case you don’t know, there is a tab at the top of the blog under the header Elder Stewart,  that says Write to Elder Stewart. If you click that tab it will take you to a new page with all the ways to contact Bralter. Email, Dear Elder, Mission address and current address.

Hope this helps!

Email – July 2, 2012

(For those of you that don’t know he is apologizing because he lost his garments while at the MTC. Not sure if he ever got them back or not!)

Sorry for loosing them I’ll try to be better at that. It’s just that my companion and I had to go to dinner before it was over so we left the
clothes in the dryer, so that’s what happened.

I’m finally here in St. Louis and it is extremely hard out here. I’m really having a hard time. My worst nightmare came true. I have to drive because my companion had an oops on the highway haha! Totaled the car and he lost his driving.

Yeah, it’s really hard and I feel so overwhelmed with everything. I really don’t know what I’m doing or how to do it, but I know why I’m out here though and I’m relying on the Lord to comfort me. I really miss you guys.

I’ll be emailing every Monday so keep posted. My companion and I are totally new in the area of Crystal City, Missouri. Both of us have never been here before and have no clue who, where, what, and why. We call this white washing. I have a new address so this is where you guys need to write to:

1009 Kenner Drive #5
Crystal City Missouri 63019

My Mission president is loving and helpful. My trainer’s name is Elder Marshall, he is cool. But it is hard to talk to him. I really don’t know how to talk to him. I might be here in Crystal City for at least 5 months…oy.

I really, really, really, really need your guys’ prayers. I honestly do not know how I’m to do all of this and get it done by one day. And it is HOT 111 degrees outside and tracking for 3 hours is very difficult. Plus me having to drive everywhere is very hard cause I do not know what I’m doing half the time. But I do know why I’m out here and know that the Lord will help me through this. Again, sorry for the garments.

Elder Stewart