Email – July 23, 2012

Hello Everyone,

You’ll be getting a handwritten letter here pretty soon! How’s everyone doing? How’s the work? And the ranch? I’m up here at Hillsboro today to hang out with Elder Fagger and Elder Wunderli! I’m not sure what we will do here. I never knew a human being could sweat so much water in my life! You become a form of walking salt water. It’s nuts. For our zone p-day we played missionary basketball and dodge ball. It was fun but no AC, it was so hot. I never knew how red a face could get. My shirt was soaked. Like fell in the pond soaked. And I was wearing my last pair of garments! Everything else was already in the washer! Oy. I was drenched. It was awesome!

Things here at Crystal City are going good! We went on exchanges and Elder Fagger (our district leader) went with me to Crystal City Saturday. Saturday our goal was to get a commitment from all 11 investigators to come to church. We got a lot! But it was a no show for
Sunday. We are still teaching Hot Rod, he was excited to come to church but didn’t. He has a testimony of Joseph Smith but hasn’t really read the B.O.M. So we are working on them.  The letter talks more about our investigators. I’ll just let you read it Ha Ha!

How’s the ward doing? Are they going to build another building still? How is Sister Tippets? Is she doing ok?

Sister Olhieser – Thank you for the letters! It is very cool how the Lord helps us through everything we do. Even the small things I notice has a huge impact on things. Mom will give you a hug from me before you go!

Hey Galovich’s – How are you guys doing? Dawn congrats! I heard what you did to Dad. You’re awesome! I could only imagine what he looked liked! He deserves it!  Ha Ha! I love you and miss you! Paul and Carrie how are you two doing!?! Everything here is so wet and humid! I wondered why there’s not much swimming pools out here but now I know! You don’t need one! You’re your own swimming pool! It’s a lifetime warranty! There is really no need to dry off! Your pool also comes with reverse osmosis where water naturally
falls from your face like the Niagara Falls! I’m so glad its a limited time offer though! But I’m loving this work and the people. I want to work harder so they too can return to our Farther In Heaven. This is gods work!

McCabe and Calab – I really hope you are preparing to go on a mission. The opportunity this work gives you will be a blessing for you throughout your life. But don’t go for the blessings. Study the scriptures and pray to gain a better testimony. Go because you love the Lord! I can’t believe how much my Father in Heaven has help me through hard times. It’s such a blessing to understand what the Savior did and is still doing for all of us. Coming out here and seeing all the unhappy people here is very heartbreaking. Stay close to your family and trust in the Lord and study and pray about the Book of Mormon. It’s the word of God! Like the God and ruler of everything! It really didn’t hit me untill I came out. It’s of great value and importance to have it in our lives. Look up to your brother Brandon. He’s been a huge example for me. You are so lucky to have someone like him as a brother. I love you guys very much!

I miss you all and love you.
Elder Stewart


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