Email – August 20, 2012

Dear Everyone!

How is the life in Wyoming? Things here are getting cooler and nicer! But I do miss home a lot!!! We have two people who have committed to baptism! One with a date and one who we are working on for a date! Well, I am looking forward to hearing from all of you guys! Stephanie I love you. Virginia I love you. Celina I  love you.  Hunter I love you Conner I  love you. Mom I love you and Dad I  love you and Kenneth I love you. Grandma and Terri and Barney and Nancy and Darwin I love you guys and miss you!

Dad I havent heard from you at all. How are things on the ranch? I hope everything is going good! I am actually having a hard time teaching. I always seem to screw up haha! I know the Lord will help me though as I know he will help our family if we are doing what he wants us to do. I found out that if we put him first things work out. I want you to bring the family together and make a missionary plan. How are you going to do missionary work as a family? I help you. Read your scriptures every night with the family at least one chapter. And Read D&C 11 especially verse 26 I think!! I miss you so much! and I love you so much too.

Mom I am doing good and I’m writing you all!

I’m sorry it’s short but I have to write to my mission president.


Elder Stewart


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