Email – September 12, 2012


Sorry for not sending an e-mail Monday or yesterday! The internet was down here due to a storm! Thank you so much for sending those pictures! They brought me back for a little bit! I would send some pictures if I had any really to send! Ha ha! I’ll see what I can do! We are not to look like tourists though so it’s hard to get an opportune moment!

No, I did not do the talent show at the super activity. Sign up sheets were done before I came out plus I have no instrument to play.

Saw Dad on a horse!!! Lookin’ gooood! Virginia I’m so glad that you are adjusting to high school well! It’s a change that’s for sure! I got a letter from Jed!! It was very good to hear from him! You like Mr. Kay huh? Yeah he is a good teacher! Is he teaching you English or Drama? Transfers are almost here! Next Wednesday! I do not know whats taking place because transfer calls are on Saturday. So I do not know if I’ll stay or leave. But I’ll be having a new companion and I’ll be done training! I can’t believe its been three months already! Before you know it I’ll be home! Have you guys been getting my letters? I’ve been getting letters from a MTC pal from Tulsa, Oklahoma! That was very exciting!

Mom how are you doing? Thanks for the email! I’m finding myself in a state were I see you in me. I can’t remember much of anything that has taken place in the last month. It’s been very busy. We are trying to extend baptism invitations every second visit. Stephanie you pretty you!!! How are you! The one on Hunter’s right hand is Katie!!! At first I saw the dog on one of the first pictures you sent, and thinking to myself that can’t be Katie! I thought you lost your mind! The dogs here are either small or they are huge! A part member family has a dog that’s 100 lbs and he’s still a puppy. 6 months old!! I couldn’t believe it! Hunter liking your swagger going on with them sunglasses! Conner how are you doing? Did you have fun moving cows!?! Virginia your are a pretty girl. I can’t believe how much I miss you! OY! Seeing you brought back so many “experiences” we had! I did see a mermaid on one of the televisions at an investigator’s home. Thought of you! (I’m so funny!!) Celina!!! Heeeey beautiful! How are you doing? Saw you too! Looking good! The weather here has been nice for a while. No fires! I did send you an email last week. I hope you got it!  Hey Dad, you look beautiful too!!! How are you? One of the members here was asking a lot about ranching! He really would like to start a ranch! He want to be a guide for hunting on the land of ours HA! It was good talking about Wyoming! People here get a kick that nearest on ramp from home is in another state! And that our nearest WalMart is 2 hours away! There are a lot of people here! We have a member who knows Bishop Paris’ Dad in Worland. Small world! His Name is Brother Young. Well, I’ll let you go and keep up the good work!

God Lives! Church is True! Life’s Good!

Elder Stewart!!


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