St. Louis for Elder Stewart – September 18, 2012

Coming from Wyoming to St. Louis where the adventure begins! From being chased by dogs to being attacked by vicious looking bugs. From someone running over our electrical box on our apartment to a car burning down! Or when someone pulling a carving knife while answering the door during tracking! From having a district meeting to working out every morning! Being shot with a paint ball gun (my companion not me)!

This is the extent so far on St Louis Mission for Elder Stewart! Unfortunately I don’t have a picture for everything that has happened but join me next time on St. Louis Mission for Elder Stewart!


Email – September 17, 2012

Good Morning!

How is everyone doing today! This week has been same oh same oh! We have some Investigators who has Had a change of life by just reading the first five chapters in the Book of Mormon! It was very exciting!! We do have baptism commitments but it’s them committing to have a date set! We will work on that! Anyway I do have some pictures!! I hope you’ll like them! It’s all of my adventures so far!! Anyways how’s the family? I hope everything is good! Mother Dearest how are you? Dad how are you doing? Celina!! Got you letters thank you so much! they Really Made My day! Virginia how are you doing with school? Do I have to beat up any one? Stephanie thank you for the pictures! Hunter and Conner how are you two doing? Kenneth how bout you man? Well I will let the pictures speak for themselves!

Love you always,
Elder Stewart