Email – November 26, 2012


I do have to go really quick so I’m going to do this as fast as I can so please forgive my grammar and spelling! Thanksgiving was fun and exciting and I got to play pool for the second time…super fun and we got to play missionary impossible and then afterwards we did more missionnary work hurray!!

I saw the pics that Steph sent, saw Mike and Celina, they look good! It was good to see Mike and her again!

Nothing else really sorry for not writing much I’ll try to write a letter for all of you so take care and love you and miss you

Virgina ran over Dallas??!! Is she okay????? I’ll pray for her.

Love you Virgina and Celina and Father and mother and Stephanie and Hunter and Kenneth (got and email from him yay!) and Conner and Karl and Mike who ever else reads this haha! Got to go! Bye!!!!

Love you all,
Elder Stewart


Email – November 5, 2012


It is rainy and stormy out today. And it is cold. For the record we have  two investigators who has a baptismal date for Dec. 1. I hope and pray that  it will go through. They too are our recent prospects they are African American and it should be nice for the black community to participate in  the gospel. There are no Blacks in our church so I really do hope that it  will go through.

We had to drop all the other dates for baptism because  they haven’t kept their commitments. So I found there is a recipe I want  you to look up mom it’s called gooey butter cake it is delicious and they only have them here in St Louis. So look it up!

Today we are going to have a  Nerf Gun War at the culture center it should be fun! We have the most  nerdy elders in my district haha! We decided we should do something fun  for them instead of b-ball haha! I enjoy serving with them! My new companion is a ginger as well. and is from St George Utah. He is great! He’s  been out for over a year now since Oct. I can’t believe that I’ve been out  for half a year now. I’m thinking about buying a ukulele something to play with.

Mom can you do something for me? Is it possible that you can take my guitar strings off of my guitar and put my guitar away somewhere safe as  well as my trumpet and keyboard? OY i got the chance to play the trumpet last Monday. That was fun! Their son and i were jamin’ it out haha! Oh!Virginia is sick?? Tell her I will pray for her. That’s got to be rough.  Sick is never fun. I don’t like it at all. i think its fair since I sent  you guys a ton of pictures you need to send some this way!! It always makes  a missionary’s day to see pictures. hahaha!

I heard from Kenneth he sounds  good! It was good to hear from him! Is there snow there? I was actually wondering because I heard it from Jan Olheiser that there was snow there.  And she isn’t even there any more??? Your slackin’ mother haha!

The trees  are losing their leaves now its winter time for sure. We’ve been walking  now more than riding in the car that’s always fun! Thursday or Friday i  cant remember, we walked the whole circumference of Crystal City! That was  an accomplishment! Nothing else really that is news worthy. A lot of service  this week helping people move. Love ya’ll!

Elder Stewart


Tell Virginia I’m going to write her a letter today hopefully!!  Don’t forget to vote tomorrow! Tell the whole family hi and that i love them!  Bye!

Email – October 22, 2012

Hello everyone,

I did get the absentee ballot and I already filled it out and sent, so the office should already have it. I voted for Mitt Romney and no one told me about the local gov. so I had to guess on some things. I did get the pants, I love them! Very sweet, thank you mother dearest! So  we do have a baptism commitment for the 10th of Nov. Its pretty exciting!

Wow that is pretty cool thing to think about! The twins will be back in a couple of months after me! That is pretty sweet! I thought it was fantastic to hear that 18 years old are coming out! Awesome!

So this week was normal.

We had exchanges this week There is a tri-companionship in our district so I was in a tri for a day! It was a good experience! Found some new investigators and potentials! So that was sweet! Today we are going to the zoo in St Louis to do a scavenger hunt! It should  be fun! The zoo is free so that is a bonus!

We had service Saturday for the young men we decided we should help. As we were cutting small trees down for tepees we have to strip the bark off the tree, with a knife. And a deacon sliced his thumb in half. Vertically. It was an eventful event. it makes me quiver thinking about it.  A lot of blood.

So what is new for you folk?

General conference was good. Good spiritual uplift. I really like Elder Holland’s talk. Some things he said almost knocked me off of my seat. It was good.

What is the news for the ward? When are they going to build a new chapel? Or are they going to keep the old one?

And another thing I really really really hope you didn’t put a dorky picture of me on the plaque. That would be horribly terrible.

The trees here are awesome! The colors are sweet! We have a hay ride this coming Saturday, the ride is going to take us to some views to see the scenery! I’ll get some pictures!

Which brings me to another subject… where are the pictures?

We discovered that my camera has a feature. Slow motion! Elder Christensen and I had some fun with that!

I’m also going to start on some genealogy and starting on my pedigree chart. So this should be exciting! The branch is having a family history classes for the community and by no one telling us. There was about 30 non members there last meeting. We weren’t very happy with that. We actually had to rebuke the branch a little. So a life lesson here. When there is something that the church is putting on that the community is participating, please tell the missionaries because it is so much easier to find through programs and members and is way more effective. Tracting isn’t the most effective way. It works but is the least effective way.

I’ll get off of my soap box now.

So how is your missionary experiences? Did you give the missionary a referral for anyone. I’ll email some names that comes to mind.

Well I cant think of anything else to say. Love you all!

Elder Stewart

Email – October 8, 2012

Hello Every One!

Fall is in the air! The leaves are changing! It’s cooler! It’s amazing! Not much going on here but General Conference was good! Elder Holland’s talk was, let’s say, touching ha ha! So I’ve been getting these letters that I have no clue who they were from (due to the fact that I cant read cursive at all) until recently! Tell Catherine I say hi! (The one in mom;s work) Ha ha! For the longest time I’ve been getting letters from her and not knowing it was her! I cant read cursive! So please tell her I will write her a letter here soon!

Things been the usual! Busy Busy! I actually got my companion sick! But he was better in a few days so that was good!

Finding (as I soon found out) has became a frightful thing to do ha ha! But I learned something! Speaking the truth is all that I have to do and it seems to work out fine!

Dad you wrote a letter? ha ha! I did get it! Thank you so much! I was really excited to see it in the mail box! So far I have not hit a mail box! Thought you would like to know! Love ya!

Mother dearest how are you? Things here are good! We did buy a dry cleaning kit and it worked ok so…yeah. Thank you for sending some!!!!! That will be such a blessing! My other pants are getting sun bleached?? Its really bizarre! Love you!

Virginia, how are you? How is the high school life? I hope things are good! Just feel free to write me… here… soon! ha ha! love you!

Stephanie it was good talking with you last week! That was pretty sweet for me to see you were on the computer! How are you doing? Things here are still crazy! ha ha! there is not a boring day here. Which is normally normal. ha ha! Love ya!

Hunter Loyd Mayes. Hows it going pal? did you get my letter? I forgot to tell you something in the letter. Regarding the sword which has been mention in a previous letter. I did leave it in under the control of Virginia. So it is up to Virginia to let you play with it but. If choosing so.(which should be often) She or someone else will have to be with you when it is in your possession “temporary” mind you. So that you wont get hurt and so my sword wont get hurt also. Do not hit it on the ground or rocks. Cutting down the pig weed is pretty fun! Also no throwing it! DO NOT RUN WITH IT, PERIOD. After done playing with it put it back in it’s case and back to Virginia. If any of these rules are broken you will lose the privilege of playing with it and will be in strict control of Virginia. Always use good judgement and patients. Other than that. I hope things are going good! And i miss you and love you so much!

Conner William Mayes how are you doing Buddy?!? Same rules apply to you to with the sword! I hope things are good! love you!

Celina Jean Stewart how are you doing? I bet you busy as well ha ha! I hope things go good. Love you much!

Well thats all take care!!

P.S. – pics are my mission posterity! And lightning haha!

Elder Stewart


bralter5 bralter6 bralter7

Email – September 24, 2012

Well Good Morning!

This week I got my new companion! His Name is Elder Christensen! He is supper awesome!

Nothing much here has happened, but we are teaching a lot of people! The Marstons (branch missionary) might have dinner with President and Sister Clark tonight! He is going to talk about Team Ups here since it is an issue here for some reason! Haha!

Well how is everyone in Wyoming? Busy I’m sure? So I’m not sure whats happening over there fully? You still have the house in town? What about dad, is he staying there as well? Oh man I’m going to miss Thanksgiving with you guys! It felt weird not seeing the fireworks in Thermopolis for the first time on the 4th!

So Virginia how is school? Is it homecoming yet? Who are they going to play? Are you excited!? Has anything happened that was Mermaid approved? Ha Ha! Well I do miss you a lot!

Hunter Lloyd Mayes!! How are you buddy? I going to write you letter you should get it this week some time!! Thanks for the pictures and letter! You looked pretty cool with them sunglasses!

Conner William Mayes!!! How are you doing stinker! Thanks for the pictures and letter too! Have you been helping grandpa any? You’ll be getting a letter here this week to I hope!

Mother Dearest patient is a virtue! Nephi 3:7 would do just fine! So what is the update on the absentee ballot? The website you gave me, Wyoming doesn’t accept it. I’m not sure what to do. Anyways how are you doing?

Oh my the weather here is so nice! Frost is here finally! The Marstons are having a hay ride YES! We are going to help stack hay for sure! It is on the 27th of Oct.! The Marstons raise horses as well! He is a sweet guy! He took me to the farm and it brought back memories!

Hey Dad I actually used your glasses and rake miracle at the sand trap in a lesson the other day! I was teaching about faith and how you had faith to go back home twice! It actually gave them a better understanding of things! And also told them about the time you had trouble with a cow calving and you got the impression to read the Book of Mormon then everything went right! It was a cool lesson!

Steph, how are you doing? I hope things are going good!

Celina Hi!

Well I don’t know what else I can say! You know me! I have so much to say!

Elder Stewart

Bralter and Elder Christensen