Email – November 5, 2012


It is rainy and stormy out today. And it is cold. For the record we have  two investigators who has a baptismal date for Dec. 1. I hope and pray that  it will go through. They too are our recent prospects they are African American and it should be nice for the black community to participate in  the gospel. There are no Blacks in our church so I really do hope that it  will go through.

We had to drop all the other dates for baptism because  they haven’t kept their commitments. So I found there is a recipe I want  you to look up mom it’s called gooey butter cake it is delicious and they only have them here in St Louis. So look it up!

Today we are going to have a  Nerf Gun War at the culture center it should be fun! We have the most  nerdy elders in my district haha! We decided we should do something fun  for them instead of b-ball haha! I enjoy serving with them! My new companion is a ginger as well. and is from St George Utah. He is great! He’s  been out for over a year now since Oct. I can’t believe that I’ve been out  for half a year now. I’m thinking about buying a ukulele something to play with.

Mom can you do something for me? Is it possible that you can take my guitar strings off of my guitar and put my guitar away somewhere safe as  well as my trumpet and keyboard? OY i got the chance to play the trumpet last Monday. That was fun! Their son and i were jamin’ it out haha! Oh!Virginia is sick?? Tell her I will pray for her. That’s got to be rough.  Sick is never fun. I don’t like it at all. i think its fair since I sent  you guys a ton of pictures you need to send some this way!! It always makes  a missionary’s day to see pictures. hahaha!

I heard from Kenneth he sounds  good! It was good to hear from him! Is there snow there? I was actually wondering because I heard it from Jan Olheiser that there was snow there.  And she isn’t even there any more??? Your slackin’ mother haha!

The trees  are losing their leaves now its winter time for sure. We’ve been walking  now more than riding in the car that’s always fun! Thursday or Friday i  cant remember, we walked the whole circumference of Crystal City! That was  an accomplishment! Nothing else really that is news worthy. A lot of service  this week helping people move. Love ya’ll!

Elder Stewart


Tell Virginia I’m going to write her a letter today hopefully!!  Don’t forget to vote tomorrow! Tell the whole family hi and that i love them!  Bye!


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