Email – October 22, 2012

Hello everyone,

I did get the absentee ballot and I already filled it out and sent, so the office should already have it. I voted for Mitt Romney and no one told me about the local gov. so I had to guess on some things. I did get the pants, I love them! Very sweet, thank you mother dearest! So  we do have a baptism commitment for the 10th of Nov. Its pretty exciting!

Wow that is pretty cool thing to think about! The twins will be back in a couple of months after me! That is pretty sweet! I thought it was fantastic to hear that 18 years old are coming out! Awesome!

So this week was normal.

We had exchanges this week There is a tri-companionship in our district so I was in a tri for a day! It was a good experience! Found some new investigators and potentials! So that was sweet! Today we are going to the zoo in St Louis to do a scavenger hunt! It should  be fun! The zoo is free so that is a bonus!

We had service Saturday for the young men we decided we should help. As we were cutting small trees down for tepees we have to strip the bark off the tree, with a knife. And a deacon sliced his thumb in half. Vertically. It was an eventful event. it makes me quiver thinking about it.  A lot of blood.

So what is new for you folk?

General conference was good. Good spiritual uplift. I really like Elder Holland’s talk. Some things he said almost knocked me off of my seat. It was good.

What is the news for the ward? When are they going to build a new chapel? Or are they going to keep the old one?

And another thing I really really really hope you didn’t put a dorky picture of me on the plaque. That would be horribly terrible.

The trees here are awesome! The colors are sweet! We have a hay ride this coming Saturday, the ride is going to take us to some views to see the scenery! I’ll get some pictures!

Which brings me to another subject… where are the pictures?

We discovered that my camera has a feature. Slow motion! Elder Christensen and I had some fun with that!

I’m also going to start on some genealogy and starting on my pedigree chart. So this should be exciting! The branch is having a family history classes for the community and by no one telling us. There was about 30 non members there last meeting. We weren’t very happy with that. We actually had to rebuke the branch a little. So a life lesson here. When there is something that the church is putting on that the community is participating, please tell the missionaries because it is so much easier to find through programs and members and is way more effective. Tracting isn’t the most effective way. It works but is the least effective way.

I’ll get off of my soap box now.

So how is your missionary experiences? Did you give the missionary a referral for anyone. I’ll email some names that comes to mind.

Well I cant think of anything else to say. Love you all!

Elder Stewart


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