Email – September 24, 2012

Well Good Morning!

This week I got my new companion! His Name is Elder Christensen! He is supper awesome!

Nothing much here has happened, but we are teaching a lot of people! The Marstons (branch missionary) might have dinner with President and Sister Clark tonight! He is going to talk about Team Ups here since it is an issue here for some reason! Haha!

Well how is everyone in Wyoming? Busy I’m sure? So I’m not sure whats happening over there fully? You still have the house in town? What about dad, is he staying there as well? Oh man I’m going to miss Thanksgiving with you guys! It felt weird not seeing the fireworks in Thermopolis for the first time on the 4th!

So Virginia how is school? Is it homecoming yet? Who are they going to play? Are you excited!? Has anything happened that was Mermaid approved? Ha Ha! Well I do miss you a lot!

Hunter Lloyd Mayes!! How are you buddy? I going to write you letter you should get it this week some time!! Thanks for the pictures and letter! You looked pretty cool with them sunglasses!

Conner William Mayes!!! How are you doing stinker! Thanks for the pictures and letter too! Have you been helping grandpa any? You’ll be getting a letter here this week to I hope!

Mother Dearest patient is a virtue! Nephi 3:7 would do just fine! So what is the update on the absentee ballot? The website you gave me, Wyoming doesn’t accept it. I’m not sure what to do. Anyways how are you doing?

Oh my the weather here is so nice! Frost is here finally! The Marstons are having a hay ride YES! We are going to help stack hay for sure! It is on the 27th of Oct.! The Marstons raise horses as well! He is a sweet guy! He took me to the farm and it brought back memories!

Hey Dad I actually used your glasses and rake miracle at the sand trap in a lesson the other day! I was teaching about faith and how you had faith to go back home twice! It actually gave them a better understanding of things! And also told them about the time you had trouble with a cow calving and you got the impression to read the Book of Mormon then everything went right! It was a cool lesson!

Steph, how are you doing? I hope things are going good!

Celina Hi!

Well I don’t know what else I can say! You know me! I have so much to say!

Elder Stewart

Bralter and Elder Christensen


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