Email – March 11, 2013


Today was quite eventful. We got a phone call from a less active and her cows got out so we got them in and the landowner didn’t get to feed the cows this morning due to being called into the nuclear plant. They are refueling it, but he asked me to feed the cows this morning. So I got to drive the tractor and feed them two round bales. It reminded me of home, so that’s where I was this morning. The Musical conference went great. I played the piano and so did a lot of other missionaries. The zone leaders in the beginning of the year had asked the district who was musically talented and so that is how they figured out I played the piano. This week nothing really happened. Other than that nothing really to say. We are alive and well. So that’s about it. Love you guys!!

Elder Stewart

Mother if your there email back.


Email – March 4, 2013

Hello guys

How are you? That’s sad about the cows! I hope everything is going good! Well, I will write a letter to Sister Tippets I need to do that! So I’m going to write one today and send it out! So what is new with you guys? I’m still here in Fulton. Tomorrow is my piano jig. I haven’t heard what he wants me to do so I’m going to do Joseph Smith’s First Prayer. I going to need to practice today I’m not sure how it’s going to work out to be truthful. I haven’t talked with the mission president yet but I’m going to talk to him tomorrow. I hope it’ll be good.

It’s suppose to snow today but I’m not sure when. It’s sunny out right now. Yesterday we spent the day with the Wingards. They are a member and they have a son who left on a mission right around when I left and something cool I found out. Is that I met one of the members son in the MTC! and he told me if I was ever in Fulton that I need to tell his family hi! It was pretty cool. So him and I came out at the same time!

For finding this week we did some service tracting and we shoveled a lot of snow for a lot of people. It was good for me to wear some boots for a change! We enjoyed doing that! I have been wondering if you ever sent referrals to the missionaries in Powell for grandma? I’m just hoping that she will warm up since I’m on my mission.

So any new from Celina? Is Virginia liking home school? I hope so.

We had an experience the other day while tracting. We came across an old man and he was trying to argue the fact about the trinity and sorts. And it was surprisingly good for me. I was able to endure it well. Nothing really exciting this week. We got a new district leader, Elder Duke. The wind is kinda blowing right now!

Well guys, not much to say right now, nothing really news worthy. Tell everyone I said hello! Tell the twins I said hi! bye!


Elder Stewart

Mother if youre there. Email back.

Email – February 25, 2013

Hello everyone!

How are you? It snowed on Thursday all day. I was on exchanges with my district leader and he was called to be a trainer so he had to go to the trainer meeting in St Louis on Thursday. So needless to say, him and I went on a 200 round trip to St Louis in a blizzard it was an adventure. The wind shield wipers on the truck were super bad and driving up there was scary because the wipers were icing up every time. We stopped at least 5 times to de-ice the wipers. So on the way back I had to buy some new wipers so we could see going back. We were going to change back with our companions Thursday but Elder Miles (district leader) didn’t trust his companion to be a co-pilot. So I went because I had more experience driving in snow then he did. He is from California…go figure.

As we were going we saw… I kid you not… at least every 200 feet, a run off car in a foot of snow off the interstate. We helped some people by pushing their cars up and down hills, out of banks, and out of intersections. They were everywhere. We made it safe and sound though. Other than that there was a lot of snow.

So my companion and I decided to go service tracting by shoveling snow out of driveways and helping college kids get their cars out of the snow banks, we found 2 new investigators this week which is great! So that’s what we did this week in Fulton. In Jeff city with Elder Miles we did normal pros. work. I’m super hungry right now. I do not know what I’m going to have for lunch today but I hope it will be tasty.

I got Mike and Celina’s cards today it was good to hear from them! How is Mr. Padre..? So people have been asking me how many cows and acres of land we have. I forget. So that information will be nice, so next email please lol!

Trying to go out and work is getting harder and harder for me. It’s weird I’m not sure whats going on. But I am going to talk to my mission president some time in the beginning of march, other than that we now know who our new mission president is going to be. His name is Thomas Morgan and Sister Morgan’s name is Kathleen.  They also are bringing their daughter Anna to finish her Senior HS year in St Louis.  He is a asphalt contractor by trade.  They live in Farmington, Utah.  Elder Lewis (the assistant to the president) knows them well.  They will take over on July 1, 2013. Neeless to say things are going to change. It’s almost half way gone! I’m hitting my 9th month mark. That’s crazy.

So Elder Valois and I are staying another transfer here in Fulton. Just to let you know! My name tag broke 😦 so I’m going to have to order a new one. The tag was hitting on the edge of the door and it broke in half. But I still have my suit tag so that’s what I’m using at the time being. Enough about me.

I hear that Blake had to move the baptism date. That’s sad. He should have said to his boss that it pertains to salvation and that he needs to look in to it as well. Some people! But that’s ok.

Miss Stephanie…. what is this I hear?…  Celina and Mike are off to Florida eh? That should be fun tell them that I love them and miss them. Hunter and Conner, how them calves? Virginia… why you askin’ all them questions? Making statements? Assuming? So while on exchanges I stole a tie from Elder Miles’ companion and wore it to district meeting, he kept asking me if that was his tie and I kept saying  why you askin’ all them questions? Making statements? Assuming? It was super funny. Mr. Robert Stewart are you “hanging tough” without me…. oh the irony!!!!

Well I’ll have to get going but I love ya and miss ya! Take Care!!

Love ya!!

Elder Stewart

Email – February 19, 2013

Hey guys!

How is everything? Things here are going good!

So I got this phone call from Salt Lake and this guy has asked me to play the piano on the 5th of March. What so happens is that he is a professional piano player and is wanting to hear my music. How he found out that I can play the piano??? I’m clueless, but his name is Brother Miner. So I’m not sure what he wants me to do… but it sounded like he wants me to play the Joseph Smith’s First Prayer and what not. I’m not to entirely sure on what to think about this.

He asked me what my confidecet level is on my piano skill??? I just told him that it was good??Tthen he was like “that’s great!” I’m not sure what he meant from that either. Then he asked me about my reading music skill, I told him that I usually play by ear and then he got excited and we started talking about doing chord choreography??? ( Chord dancing???) not sure what he said but that’s what it sounded like, but I think I know what he meant?? So I said “yeah I do the same thing…” I hope he does anyways I’m not sure what to think. And I’m not sure how he knows either??? But he did mention Pres. Clark’s name.

We played zombies yesterday. We had the lights out and we had one zombie and it tries to tag us before we shoot it with a Nerf gun. My companion split his lip because he and another Elder ran into each other in the dark LOL! it was great!

Got a hair cut yesterday. That was cool. I’m thinking about talking to the president about some issues here. I’m going to need counseling from him. I hope I’ll get a chance to talk to him. We will see, but things here are going good. We get trainer calls tonight. Transfers are next week. This transfer is only 5 weeks.

So what’s it like in Wyoming? Is it cold and snowy? It’s sunny here and not that cold, we didnt really get a winter here. It’s almost 9 months I’m almost hitting my year mark that s crazy.

How Miss Virginia and Celina and Stephanie and the boys and Blake and his kids and everyone else?

What is Jacquie Lawson e-cards?All I got was not a complete download and a email saying:

“Dear Elder Stewart,This is a reminder that Cheryl Stewart ( sent you a Jacquie Lawson greeting card a couple of days ago which you have not yet picked up. If you haven’t heard of us, you’ll be pleasantly surprised! Our e-cards are known for their artistry and gentle humour.”

??? I’m not sure if I should be concerned or what I’m not sure. I got Blake’s daughter picture she is a cutie and she is getting baptized? That’s great!

So what’s up with dad? How is he doing? Do we still have cows? Do we still have dogs? Do we still have dad? So are things going good?Well I’m off to Jeff City for exchanges tonight and my computer is about to kick me off and I don’t know what else to say other than I’m “hanging tough”! Love ya guys!

Elder Stewart

Email – January 15, 2013

Hey guys!

How is the Wyoming life treating you? Here it’s been on the colder side. Yesterday we played Nerf again! That was fun! I’ve just noticed an Elton John book here and he is looking at me hahaha! I was a little weirded out!

We have a baptism this Sunday! We didn’t have church this week due to the ice storm so that was a bummer. Not really sure what else to say… we made our yearly goal last year of 365 baptisms we actually got 372 baptisms. Our new goal for this year is 450 souls to enter into the water of baptism! (Read Mosiah 18:35) So that is our goal for this year I hope we can make it!! So that’s what is new here!

I did get the meds from you mother dearest! Thanks! Things here have been very complex. I’m beginning to lose patient with myself… oy. So anything new on your end? Thanks for the pictures! I’m curious about the cake that you guys “attempted” to make. Was it the sorting hat off of Harry Potter? Just curious cause it looked like it needed love! haha!

I’m not sure what it is or is suppose to be. It’s got me scratching my head! I’m not sure what’s going to happen this transfer. But it’s coming next week! We will find out who is going to be training a greenie tonight and find out who is staying where and going where Saturday night! I can’t say what I feel concerning transfers because i jinx it when I say it haahaha!

Well I love you guys and hope that things are good!

Love ya,
Elder Stewart