Email – February 19, 2013

Hey guys!

How is everything? Things here are going good!

So I got this phone call from Salt Lake and this guy has asked me to play the piano on the 5th of March. What so happens is that he is a professional piano player and is wanting to hear my music. How he found out that I can play the piano??? I’m clueless, but his name is Brother Miner. So I’m not sure what he wants me to do… but it sounded like he wants me to play the Joseph Smith’s First Prayer and what not. I’m not to entirely sure on what to think about this.

He asked me what my confidecet level is on my piano skill??? I just told him that it was good??Tthen he was like “that’s great!” I’m not sure what he meant from that either. Then he asked me about my reading music skill, I told him that I usually play by ear and then he got excited and we started talking about doing chord choreography??? ( Chord dancing???) not sure what he said but that’s what it sounded like, but I think I know what he meant?? So I said “yeah I do the same thing…” I hope he does anyways I’m not sure what to think. And I’m not sure how he knows either??? But he did mention Pres. Clark’s name.

We played zombies yesterday. We had the lights out and we had one zombie and it tries to tag us before we shoot it with a Nerf gun. My companion split his lip because he and another Elder ran into each other in the dark LOL! it was great!

Got a hair cut yesterday. That was cool. I’m thinking about talking to the president about some issues here. I’m going to need counseling from him. I hope I’ll get a chance to talk to him. We will see, but things here are going good. We get trainer calls tonight. Transfers are next week. This transfer is only 5 weeks.

So what’s it like in Wyoming? Is it cold and snowy? It’s sunny here and not that cold, we didnt really get a winter here. It’s almost 9 months I’m almost hitting my year mark that s crazy.

How Miss Virginia and Celina and Stephanie and the boys and Blake and his kids and everyone else?

What is Jacquie Lawson e-cards?All I got was not a complete download and a email saying:

“Dear Elder Stewart,This is a reminder that Cheryl Stewart ( sent you a Jacquie Lawson greeting card a couple of days ago which you have not yet picked up. If you haven’t heard of us, you’ll be pleasantly surprised! Our e-cards are known for their artistry and gentle humour.”

??? I’m not sure if I should be concerned or what I’m not sure. I got Blake’s daughter picture she is a cutie and she is getting baptized? That’s great!

So what’s up with dad? How is he doing? Do we still have cows? Do we still have dogs? Do we still have dad? So are things going good?Well I’m off to Jeff City for exchanges tonight and my computer is about to kick me off and I don’t know what else to say other than I’m “hanging tough”! Love ya guys!

Elder Stewart


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