Email – January 15, 2013

Hey guys!

How is the Wyoming life treating you? Here it’s been on the colder side. Yesterday we played Nerf again! That was fun! I’ve just noticed an Elton John book here and he is looking at me hahaha! I was a little weirded out!

We have a baptism this Sunday! We didn’t have church this week due to the ice storm so that was a bummer. Not really sure what else to say… we made our yearly goal last year of 365 baptisms we actually got 372 baptisms. Our new goal for this year is 450 souls to enter into the water of baptism! (Read Mosiah 18:35) So that is our goal for this year I hope we can make it!! So that’s what is new here!

I did get the meds from you mother dearest! Thanks! Things here have been very complex. I’m beginning to lose patient with myself… oy. So anything new on your end? Thanks for the pictures! I’m curious about the cake that you guys “attempted” to make. Was it the sorting hat off of Harry Potter? Just curious cause it looked like it needed love! haha!

I’m not sure what it is or is suppose to be. It’s got me scratching my head! I’m not sure what’s going to happen this transfer. But it’s coming next week! We will find out who is going to be training a greenie tonight and find out who is staying where and going where Saturday night! I can’t say what I feel concerning transfers because i jinx it when I say it haahaha!

Well I love you guys and hope that things are good!

Love ya,
Elder Stewart


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