Email – March 4, 2013

Hello guys

How are you? That’s sad about the cows! I hope everything is going good! Well, I will write a letter to Sister Tippets I need to do that! So I’m going to write one today and send it out! So what is new with you guys? I’m still here in Fulton. Tomorrow is my piano jig. I haven’t heard what he wants me to do so I’m going to do Joseph Smith’s First Prayer. I going to need to practice today I’m not sure how it’s going to work out to be truthful. I haven’t talked with the mission president yet but I’m going to talk to him tomorrow. I hope it’ll be good.

It’s suppose to snow today but I’m not sure when. It’s sunny out right now. Yesterday we spent the day with the Wingards. They are a member and they have a son who left on a mission right around when I left and something cool I found out. Is that I met one of the members son in the MTC! and he told me if I was ever in Fulton that I need to tell his family hi! It was pretty cool. So him and I came out at the same time!

For finding this week we did some service tracting and we shoveled a lot of snow for a lot of people. It was good for me to wear some boots for a change! We enjoyed doing that! I have been wondering if you ever sent referrals to the missionaries in Powell for grandma? I’m just hoping that she will warm up since I’m on my mission.

So any new from Celina? Is Virginia liking home school? I hope so.

We had an experience the other day while tracting. We came across an old man and he was trying to argue the fact about the trinity and sorts. And it was surprisingly good for me. I was able to endure it well. Nothing really exciting this week. We got a new district leader, Elder Duke. The wind is kinda blowing right now!

Well guys, not much to say right now, nothing really news worthy. Tell everyone I said hello! Tell the twins I said hi! bye!


Elder Stewart

Mother if youre there. Email back.


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