Email – April 29, 2013

Hello guys its me! Doing good. Today we are getting together as a district so it should be fun and we are going to play a role-playing game, it’s actually pretty fun. I’ll have to try to play it with you guys when I get back! But any how I’m hanging in there I got a lot to try to overcome though oy.. but it all good.

So this week Monday we played the role-playing game my character was a rough and tough cowboy that had an electric whip that was super sweet. My companion was a street guy who had brass knuckles with blades. Elder Phillips was a monk and his name was Ping Pong and the point of the game was that there is one person who controls setting the time and situation and our job is to try to survive so we tell him what we are going to do for instance, with me ; I’m going to jump up and take my whip and do a judo kick to the face of this guy and then take my whip and electrocute him to death!!! And the person will decide what the outcome is. It’s pretty fun but probably the nerdiest thing that I’ve done ever.

Tuesday we had a district meeting and I played “If You Could Hie to Kolob with Jack Sparrow” for the district then we had district meeting then we are teaching this guy named Randy who is going to be baptized here soon so we are excited to go through with that.

Wednesday was a little harder. I think I know what my calling is for my mission….a babysitter. My last few companions were on the “struggling list” so I think that I’m a babysitter now so Wednesday was a little rougher because my companion didn’t want to do anything, but hey what can I say.

Thursday we had a service and helped a member move out of his place. He used to run a haunted house for Halloween and the building was actually an asylum for crazies and I guess a lot of crazy stuff happened in that building I have some pictures but I don’t have my camera on me so next week I’ll try to remember. Pretty much the same thing Friday.

Saturday we went to the temple. It was good. Then we had weekly planning so that wasn’t fun. Then sunday we went to church I sung a solo in choir because the guy who was suppose to do it didn’t show up so I did it. It was good. Then we tried to see some members Sunday so that is the jist of the week.

I was going to say I did send the boys a letter and one to Jay at the same time I sent the letters to you guys. I’m glad it got there then. Tell Sister Tippets that T said hi! You should go see her when you can get the chance. And tell her I’ll be praying for her. That’s good the party was fun!  Oh dear she shared the poem huh? haha that’s cool! Well that’s me so bye!


Elder Stewart


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