Email – October 8, 2012

Hello Every One!

Fall is in the air! The leaves are changing! It’s cooler! It’s amazing! Not much going on here but General Conference was good! Elder Holland’s talk was, let’s say, touching ha ha! So I’ve been getting these letters that I have no clue who they were from (due to the fact that I cant read cursive at all) until recently! Tell Catherine I say hi! (The one in mom;s work) Ha ha! For the longest time I’ve been getting letters from her and not knowing it was her! I cant read cursive! So please tell her I will write her a letter here soon!

Things been the usual! Busy Busy! I actually got my companion sick! But he was better in a few days so that was good!

Finding (as I soon found out) has became a frightful thing to do ha ha! But I learned something! Speaking the truth is all that I have to do and it seems to work out fine!

Dad you wrote a letter? ha ha! I did get it! Thank you so much! I was really excited to see it in the mail box! So far I have not hit a mail box! Thought you would like to know! Love ya!

Mother dearest how are you? Things here are good! We did buy a dry cleaning kit and it worked ok so…yeah. Thank you for sending some!!!!! That will be such a blessing! My other pants are getting sun bleached?? Its really bizarre! Love you!

Virginia, how are you? How is the high school life? I hope things are good! Just feel free to write me… here… soon! ha ha! love you!

Stephanie it was good talking with you last week! That was pretty sweet for me to see you were on the computer! How are you doing? Things here are still crazy! ha ha! there is not a boring day here. Which is normally normal. ha ha! Love ya!

Hunter Loyd Mayes. Hows it going pal? did you get my letter? I forgot to tell you something in the letter. Regarding the sword which has been mention in a previous letter. I did leave it in under the control of Virginia. So it is up to Virginia to let you play with it but. If choosing so.(which should be often) She or someone else will have to be with you when it is in your possession “temporary” mind you. So that you wont get hurt and so my sword wont get hurt also. Do not hit it on the ground or rocks. Cutting down the pig weed is pretty fun! Also no throwing it! DO NOT RUN WITH IT, PERIOD. After done playing with it put it back in it’s case and back to Virginia. If any of these rules are broken you will lose the privilege of playing with it and will be in strict control of Virginia. Always use good judgement and patients. Other than that. I hope things are going good! And i miss you and love you so much!

Conner William Mayes how are you doing Buddy?!? Same rules apply to you to with the sword! I hope things are good! love you!

Celina Jean Stewart how are you doing? I bet you busy as well ha ha! I hope things go good. Love you much!

Well thats all take care!!

P.S. – pics are my mission posterity! And lightning haha!

Elder Stewart


bralter5 bralter6 bralter7


Email – September 24, 2012

Well Good Morning!

This week I got my new companion! His Name is Elder Christensen! He is supper awesome!

Nothing much here has happened, but we are teaching a lot of people! The Marstons (branch missionary) might have dinner with President and Sister Clark tonight! He is going to talk about Team Ups here since it is an issue here for some reason! Haha!

Well how is everyone in Wyoming? Busy I’m sure? So I’m not sure whats happening over there fully? You still have the house in town? What about dad, is he staying there as well? Oh man I’m going to miss Thanksgiving with you guys! It felt weird not seeing the fireworks in Thermopolis for the first time on the 4th!

So Virginia how is school? Is it homecoming yet? Who are they going to play? Are you excited!? Has anything happened that was Mermaid approved? Ha Ha! Well I do miss you a lot!

Hunter Lloyd Mayes!! How are you buddy? I going to write you letter you should get it this week some time!! Thanks for the pictures and letter! You looked pretty cool with them sunglasses!

Conner William Mayes!!! How are you doing stinker! Thanks for the pictures and letter too! Have you been helping grandpa any? You’ll be getting a letter here this week to I hope!

Mother Dearest patient is a virtue! Nephi 3:7 would do just fine! So what is the update on the absentee ballot? The website you gave me, Wyoming doesn’t accept it. I’m not sure what to do. Anyways how are you doing?

Oh my the weather here is so nice! Frost is here finally! The Marstons are having a hay ride YES! We are going to help stack hay for sure! It is on the 27th of Oct.! The Marstons raise horses as well! He is a sweet guy! He took me to the farm and it brought back memories!

Hey Dad I actually used your glasses and rake miracle at the sand trap in a lesson the other day! I was teaching about faith and how you had faith to go back home twice! It actually gave them a better understanding of things! And also told them about the time you had trouble with a cow calving and you got the impression to read the Book of Mormon then everything went right! It was a cool lesson!

Steph, how are you doing? I hope things are going good!

Celina Hi!

Well I don’t know what else I can say! You know me! I have so much to say!

Elder Stewart

Bralter and Elder Christensen

St. Louis for Elder Stewart – September 18, 2012

Coming from Wyoming to St. Louis where the adventure begins! From being chased by dogs to being attacked by vicious looking bugs. From someone running over our electrical box on our apartment to a car burning down! Or when someone pulling a carving knife while answering the door during tracking! From having a district meeting to working out every morning! Being shot with a paint ball gun (my companion not me)!

This is the extent so far on St Louis Mission for Elder Stewart! Unfortunately I don’t have a picture for everything that has happened but join me next time on St. Louis Mission for Elder Stewart!

Email – September 17, 2012

Good Morning!

How is everyone doing today! This week has been same oh same oh! We have some Investigators who has Had a change of life by just reading the first five chapters in the Book of Mormon! It was very exciting!! We do have baptism commitments but it’s them committing to have a date set! We will work on that! Anyway I do have some pictures!! I hope you’ll like them! It’s all of my adventures so far!! Anyways how’s the family? I hope everything is good! Mother Dearest how are you? Dad how are you doing? Celina!! Got you letters thank you so much! they Really Made My day! Virginia how are you doing with school? Do I have to beat up any one? Stephanie thank you for the pictures! Hunter and Conner how are you two doing? Kenneth how bout you man? Well I will let the pictures speak for themselves!

Love you always,
Elder Stewart


Email – September 12, 2012


Sorry for not sending an e-mail Monday or yesterday! The internet was down here due to a storm! Thank you so much for sending those pictures! They brought me back for a little bit! I would send some pictures if I had any really to send! Ha ha! I’ll see what I can do! We are not to look like tourists though so it’s hard to get an opportune moment!

No, I did not do the talent show at the super activity. Sign up sheets were done before I came out plus I have no instrument to play.

Saw Dad on a horse!!! Lookin’ gooood! Virginia I’m so glad that you are adjusting to high school well! It’s a change that’s for sure! I got a letter from Jed!! It was very good to hear from him! You like Mr. Kay huh? Yeah he is a good teacher! Is he teaching you English or Drama? Transfers are almost here! Next Wednesday! I do not know whats taking place because transfer calls are on Saturday. So I do not know if I’ll stay or leave. But I’ll be having a new companion and I’ll be done training! I can’t believe its been three months already! Before you know it I’ll be home! Have you guys been getting my letters? I’ve been getting letters from a MTC pal from Tulsa, Oklahoma! That was very exciting!

Mom how are you doing? Thanks for the email! I’m finding myself in a state were I see you in me. I can’t remember much of anything that has taken place in the last month. It’s been very busy. We are trying to extend baptism invitations every second visit. Stephanie you pretty you!!! How are you! The one on Hunter’s right hand is Katie!!! At first I saw the dog on one of the first pictures you sent, and thinking to myself that can’t be Katie! I thought you lost your mind! The dogs here are either small or they are huge! A part member family has a dog that’s 100 lbs and he’s still a puppy. 6 months old!! I couldn’t believe it! Hunter liking your swagger going on with them sunglasses! Conner how are you doing? Did you have fun moving cows!?! Virginia your are a pretty girl. I can’t believe how much I miss you! OY! Seeing you brought back so many “experiences” we had! I did see a mermaid on one of the televisions at an investigator’s home. Thought of you! (I’m so funny!!) Celina!!! Heeeey beautiful! How are you doing? Saw you too! Looking good! The weather here has been nice for a while. No fires! I did send you an email last week. I hope you got it!  Hey Dad, you look beautiful too!!! How are you? One of the members here was asking a lot about ranching! He really would like to start a ranch! He want to be a guide for hunting on the land of ours HA! It was good talking about Wyoming! People here get a kick that nearest on ramp from home is in another state! And that our nearest WalMart is 2 hours away! There are a lot of people here! We have a member who knows Bishop Paris’ Dad in Worland. Small world! His Name is Brother Young. Well, I’ll let you go and keep up the good work!

God Lives! Church is True! Life’s Good!

Elder Stewart!!

Email – August 27, 2012

Hey Everyone!

This week was good. We had 4 investigators come to church yesterday! It was very exciting! Today I’m not sure what’s going to happen. We might be playing B-ball. I’ll write and tell you what we do! Things here are great! And the members here are good. Our calendar is never full but we do get dinner. We get dinner more with investigating families then members it seems haha! But please don’t freak out I’m ok! I did get the package Tuesday! I can’t tell you enough how much that actually helps with everything! Nothing really is going on now. Just doing the work! Just wondering how Celina was? She sounds like she is doing good! In 2 Nephi it says that all things are done in the wisdom of Him. Including things that are worse in some cases!

How’s work going for you two? Steph and mom? Dad how’s the farm? Thank you for the letter it was so good to hear from you! This week we had exchanges pretty much for the whole week now since my trainer is district leader! Tuesday I had Elder Wunderli with me! We talked to this one investigator about how baptism is not for joining a congregation. It’s for making a covenant with God. My teaching has gotten better! The zone leaders and Elder Marshall have been a great help for me with that! Tomorrow are interviews with the mission president! That should help a lot for many missionaries! Right now ‘Im at a town called De Soto! We are with Elder Wunderli and Elder Hacking! I can’t believe how long I’ve been out already! 3 months! Three more weeks I’m done with training! But I am going to miss Elder Marshall we became pretty good friends! We wrestled today for working out this morning! haha! I’m becoming more comfortable now with everything! I remember how I felt like the first day I came to Crystal City! I felt sick. I’m grateful now that I’m getting comfortable with Missouri now!

Yesterday it rained and this morning you could see the humidity! It’s still cloudy out which I hope it stays like that for a while! It’s in the 70s now! Well I love you guys and wish the best for you. I’m still praying for you so things should be fine! Tell everyone that I miss them! Virginia there is a letter on its way for you! and for the family as well!

Love always,
Elder Stewart

Email – August 20, 2012

Dear Everyone!

How is the life in Wyoming? Things here are getting cooler and nicer! But I do miss home a lot!!! We have two people who have committed to baptism! One with a date and one who we are working on for a date! Well, I am looking forward to hearing from all of you guys! Stephanie I love you. Virginia I love you. Celina I  love you.  Hunter I love you Conner I  love you. Mom I love you and Dad I  love you and Kenneth I love you. Grandma and Terri and Barney and Nancy and Darwin I love you guys and miss you!

Dad I havent heard from you at all. How are things on the ranch? I hope everything is going good! I am actually having a hard time teaching. I always seem to screw up haha! I know the Lord will help me though as I know he will help our family if we are doing what he wants us to do. I found out that if we put him first things work out. I want you to bring the family together and make a missionary plan. How are you going to do missionary work as a family? I help you. Read your scriptures every night with the family at least one chapter. And Read D&C 11 especially verse 26 I think!! I miss you so much! and I love you so much too.

Mom I am doing good and I’m writing you all!

I’m sorry it’s short but I have to write to my mission president.


Elder Stewart

Email – July 23, 2012

Hello Everyone,

You’ll be getting a handwritten letter here pretty soon! How’s everyone doing? How’s the work? And the ranch? I’m up here at Hillsboro today to hang out with Elder Fagger and Elder Wunderli! I’m not sure what we will do here. I never knew a human being could sweat so much water in my life! You become a form of walking salt water. It’s nuts. For our zone p-day we played missionary basketball and dodge ball. It was fun but no AC, it was so hot. I never knew how red a face could get. My shirt was soaked. Like fell in the pond soaked. And I was wearing my last pair of garments! Everything else was already in the washer! Oy. I was drenched. It was awesome!

Things here at Crystal City are going good! We went on exchanges and Elder Fagger (our district leader) went with me to Crystal City Saturday. Saturday our goal was to get a commitment from all 11 investigators to come to church. We got a lot! But it was a no show for
Sunday. We are still teaching Hot Rod, he was excited to come to church but didn’t. He has a testimony of Joseph Smith but hasn’t really read the B.O.M. So we are working on them.  The letter talks more about our investigators. I’ll just let you read it Ha Ha!

How’s the ward doing? Are they going to build another building still? How is Sister Tippets? Is she doing ok?

Sister Olhieser – Thank you for the letters! It is very cool how the Lord helps us through everything we do. Even the small things I notice has a huge impact on things. Mom will give you a hug from me before you go!

Hey Galovich’s – How are you guys doing? Dawn congrats! I heard what you did to Dad. You’re awesome! I could only imagine what he looked liked! He deserves it!  Ha Ha! I love you and miss you! Paul and Carrie how are you two doing!?! Everything here is so wet and humid! I wondered why there’s not much swimming pools out here but now I know! You don’t need one! You’re your own swimming pool! It’s a lifetime warranty! There is really no need to dry off! Your pool also comes with reverse osmosis where water naturally
falls from your face like the Niagara Falls! I’m so glad its a limited time offer though! But I’m loving this work and the people. I want to work harder so they too can return to our Farther In Heaven. This is gods work!

McCabe and Calab – I really hope you are preparing to go on a mission. The opportunity this work gives you will be a blessing for you throughout your life. But don’t go for the blessings. Study the scriptures and pray to gain a better testimony. Go because you love the Lord! I can’t believe how much my Father in Heaven has help me through hard times. It’s such a blessing to understand what the Savior did and is still doing for all of us. Coming out here and seeing all the unhappy people here is very heartbreaking. Stay close to your family and trust in the Lord and study and pray about the Book of Mormon. It’s the word of God! Like the God and ruler of everything! It really didn’t hit me untill I came out. It’s of great value and importance to have it in our lives. Look up to your brother Brandon. He’s been a huge example for me. You are so lucky to have someone like him as a brother. I love you guys very much!

I miss you all and love you.
Elder Stewart

Email – July, 16, 2012

Hey Family!

How is it going!?!

Brother Knight and Sister Knight and Kat and Devin and Nate and Natasha,

HOW IS IT GOING!?! I miss you like no other! Brother Knight hows work? Just wanted to say how much I love you and miss you. Sister Knight I love you too! How’s it going? How’s Greenriver? DEVIN!!!!!  How’s it going for you too? How’s the school life treating ya? I hear that you are doing music and drama congrats man! I’m tellin’ ya more opportunities for you through those courses. I hope you’re planning on going on a mission first! I know that’s what the Lord wants from you! Oh…I guess I have to write to you too Kat… HI! 😀 How’s the school treating you? Believe it or not I do miss you too! Nate how’s them girls treating you? Hello Natasha! What’s going on with you? Excited to go to School? It’ll be fun! I miss you guys so much!

Mom and Dad how are you?

Things here are going. Today is Zone P-day so we are going to the city today for that. I don’t know what we’ll be doing. We’ve been seeing “Hot Rod” still! He is awesome! He is trying so hard to do the right things. Him detoxing is hurting him though. He’s all curled up and his mouth is twitching. He told us to never pick up a bottle haha! We are doing our best to help him! He didn’t show again for church last Sunday. But it does seem like he really wants to come. He even told his mom that he’s thinking about joining the church! It’s coming but slowly.

My companion is from San Diego Cali. Enough said. No just kidding! He is really cool! He is 19 and been out for about a year. I’m still struggling to teach. Oy! It is hard to talk the gospel haha! People come up with the weirdest things. One individual went up to us in Wal-Mart and told us that God was never a man. And one said “I don’t get it. Why would Jesus commit suicide? Isnt that a Sin? Why would He commit a sin to save us? It doesn’t add up. I’m not a believer.”  And my favorite! I was on exchanges with Elder Wunderli and we were tracking and came upon this house, knocked and he open the door. Explained who we are. He looked at us and said “I’m fixin’ my AC, I’m already in Hell.” and slammed the door. Some people!

Anyway my companion and I saw the weirdest looking bug I’ve ever seen. It looked like a beetle and eyes bulging out, fat head and with pinchers like a praying mantis. It looked really weird.

Caleb and McCabe how are you guys? Hows the Family? I really hope you two are planning on going on a mission. I know it’s what the Lord wants. Well that’s about it, cant wait to hear from you guys again!  Tell my sisters I love them! And that I’m thinking about them.

We are doing a 40 day sacrifice for the mission. My sacrifice is really hard for me to do. But I’m willing to give it up for my Father in Heaven and my Savior who lives and loves us. May the whole world know it.
“Oh sweet the joy this sentence gives. I know, My Redeemer lives”    – President Thomas S Monson

Elder Stewart

Email – July 9, 2012

Dear Family,

A whole two weeks has gone! There is a ton more left hahaha! How is everybody doing?

Dad – I’m missin’ that work! Just hearing about it makes me want to pick up some bales and brand haha!

Mom – I bought a camera so no worries! It was a cheap one so don’t panic!

A new dog huh? Is Molly smart too? I can’t tell you how much it feels good to hear from you guys! How are the boys? And Steph thanks for the encouragement and the blog! It is awesome!

My favorite scripture is in Alma chapter 7 Verses 11-12. I can’t even begin to understand what our savior had to go through.

We have some investigators! There is a biker name Rod. (We call him Hot Rod!) He was wondering how the church can help him to overcome the things he had to go through. He has been through a lot. The spirit hit me so strong. I was impressed to ask him
how he felt when he rides his bike. he answered saying he felt free and happy. I told him through the Atonement of Christ we are able to become clean and feel free from his past. And I was again impressed to tell him about the trials I had to go through and shared Alma  7:11-12 and explained not only did our Savior suffered for our sins which he did he also suffered our pains and anguish and our tribulations. He stood up and gave me a hug and said I really needed to hear that thank you and I’ll come to your church the Sunday next! It was pretty awesome! He didn’t show 😦 but I knew he felt the spirit and that I planted the seed.

Fourth of July was good. They weren’t going to do it because of the fire risk here… the fire risk part really didn’t add up in my head for some particular reason. I guess this year is the driest year Missouri ever had. They could have fooled me. Obviously they never been to Wyoming. But we went to our branch president house and the shot some fireworks it was nice to have the whole day off! It was a treat from the Mission President!

The whole Mission is going to go to a Cardinals game the 26th! I’m excited to go! I hope I don’t have to drive. The roads here are CRAZY! They are supper tiny. The roads are half the size of ours and is confusing as all get out! And they only name half the street and not the whole street. It could be Huber street then all of a sudden your on North Mill street the 2nd??? (I pray constantly for the gift of Missouri’s sense of direction!)

Tell Kate I said hi and give her a hug for me! And Karl as well. A handshake will do Haha! Hows Nate and MaeCile? and hows them cows dad? Did you guys Brand. Oh I miss the work! It’s beautiful here, but Wyoming is more beautiful to me! (when its green)

Keep sending those letters. They REALLY do help. Tell the Galovichs I said hi! It rained here last night and the sky was green. Yeah, it was awesome. So far Ginny no mermaids! Give Miss Clean my love, tell her I miss my baby girl!

The Church is True! and The Saviour Lives! May the whole world know It!

PS. – Thank you for the contacts Mom! I love everyone so much and miss you  guys. Virginia thanks for the letter. (I’ll get you back!)

Elder Stewart